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How To: Host Warcraft III Battlenet Games with Linksys Routers

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This FAQ is written to allow users of Linksys routers, both Wireless and Wired, to host games on Battle.net. The simple way of explaining the problem is that the Linksys Routers, by default, need certain ports open to be able to host.

Time: <10 Minutes

OS: Windows XP

Difficulty: Easy

Needed: Warcraft III AND/OR Frozen Throne// Windows XP // Linksys Router

1. From your desktop click “Start>Run” and type: cmd



2. Then type: ipconfig


You will need to remember the “Default Gateway” and the “IP Address”, so type them into a word or notepad file as an easy reference.

3. Open your Internet Browser (ie: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and click in the URL bar.


Replace the homepage with your “Default Gateway” as typed into the notepad earlier:


4. Once entered, a prompt box will come up asking for you username and password. By default, the username and password is “admin” and “admin”. These can be changed at any time, meaning you may have to consult whomever has changed these.


5. You will see a black menu bar with a link you need to click named either |“Applications & Gaming” which leads you to “Port Range Forward”| or |“Forwarding” which leads you to “Applications & Gaming”|

NOTE: This is where each version of Linksys Firmware may differentiate.


6. Fill in the information as seen in the picture above for YOUR correct “IP Address” as copied into the notepad earlier.

The information is as follows (if applies, make sure enabled box is checked):


Start Port: 6112

End Port: 6119

Protocol TCP/Protocol UDP: Both Checked/Enabled

IP: YOUR IP or last 3 Digits (Depending on Linksys Firmware)

NOTE: Your IP address may not be the same every time you use this computer; therefore, you may have to fill in multiple IP Addresses, as shown above. Also, if you have multiple ports enabled, it may not work, so please make sure only the one you are using to host the game is “Enabled”

7. “Save Settings” and Exit the Browser. You may now host games as long as you have no other firewall blocking the program, if so, make sure Warcraft3 is put on the exceptions list. Otherwise, IF and ONLY IF no other programs, etc, are running disable the firewall. No Viruses/Spyware may be transferred through Warcraft III: Battle.net.

Edited by King Solomon

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